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The Menisci are the protective barriers of the knee joint which prevent the bones from rubbing against one another. Meniscal tears are usually post traumatic or degenerative. In the past, meniscectomy was the only recommended treatment for these injuries. Meniscectomy, a surgery in which a portion of the meniscus is removed, reduces the protective barrier of the knee and leads to early osteoarthritis. PRP therapy offers a non-surgical option for treating meniscus tears that uses your body's natural healing agents to repair the damage to your meniscus.

Meniscus Tear

More and more research continues to show that, as we age, meniscus tears are as common as wrinkles and that these tears do not necessarily cause knee pain. Meniscectomy surgery harms the integrity of the knee and may greatly increase the occurrence of osteoarthritis. More than half the patients are not completely satisfied with their results and continue to report pain following surgery. It is evident that it is not advised for anyone to undergo this surgery when there is an alternative non surgical available.

Meniscus Tear

In the Regen PRP procedure, we use precise image guidance to inject custom concentrations of your body's natural healing agents into the precise areas of damage to tighten and stabilize your knee joint and help repair tears in your meniscus and to tighten loose tendons and ligaments to improve function while reducing or eliminating pain. The biomechanics of the joint is not disturbed leading to excellent results and early ambulation.

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