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ReGen has come up with a latest stem cell therapy – GOLDIC. It is a form of stem cell therapy that uses specially designed gold particles which activates the existing local stem cells and supports their differentiation.

Research and studies point out that lowering of Gelsolin protein is correlated with inflammation and tissue degeneration. The Gelsolin level of patients in conjunction with other cytokines (proteins) is especially important for successful regeneration. Thus, the gold particles stimulate release of cytokines and key protein “Gelsolin” into blood serum.

Gold GOLDIC therapy increases the production of stem cell specific factors like G-CSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) and SCGF (hematopoietic stem cell growth factor – beta) necessary for regeneration of tissues. It correlates to the concept of “Intelligent Tissue Regeneration”. GOLDIC is the next generation of stem cell therapy with the help of specially designed gold particles using patient’s own blood.