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COOLIEF is a minimally invasive treatment option targeting nerves that transmit pain signals and the first and only radiofrequency treatment FDA-cleared for the relief of osteoarthritis knee pain. Radiofrequency ablation works by deactivating the nerves responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. It is the first clinically-proven radiofrequency pain management system using water-cooled technology to safely deactivate pain-transmitting sensory nerves, allowing a larger treatment area and greater chance at targeting pain-causing nerves.It is clinically proven to provide long-term pain relief, improve physical functionality, and reduce drug utilization. Cooled radiofrequency ablation relieves chronic pain in the knee, spine, neck, hip, and shoulder. Its advantages are

  • Pain relief for up to 24 months

    In clinical studies, some patients receiving this treatment reported that their pain was significantly reduced.

  • Improved mobility

    It has been proven to provide 24 months of pain relief with improved physical function.

  • Quick recovery time

    Because the procedure is minimally invasive, most patients can expect to feel pain relief within 1-2 weeks, returning to an enhanced quality of life much sooner than with surgery.

  • No opioid recovery medication

    Patients may experience some discomfort for a short period, but this discomfort can be treated with common over-the-counter medication.

  • No overnight hospital stay

    Since this outpatient treatment requires no general anesthesia, you can return home shortly after treatment.

  • No incision

    Unlike surgery, it involves no incision.