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APS is a treatment for your knee joint designed to alleviate pain and bring balance back to your inflamed knee by introducing high levels of “good” proteins (IL-1ra, sIL-1R, sTNF-RI, and sTNF-RII) concentrated from your own blood. The inflammatory proteins IL-1 and TNFa attack the cartilage. These “bad” proteins must be stopped simultaneously to decrease pain and slow cartilage degeneration. The good proteins can block the bad proteins which are responsible for the inflammatory condition in your joint. Other “good” proteins can then contribute to the health of your cartilage. the good proteins also block and slow the degradation of cartilage treating the underlying cause of OA knee pain. In just one treatment, we can reduce pain in the knee joint, improve joint function and may slow the destruction of cartilage. This autologous anti-Inflammatory treatment is provided in a single session in tour clinic.

It significantly reduces pain associated with knee OA up to three years with 70% improvement in knee pain following a single treatment. It also improves mobility in the knee joint associated with arthritis.